After 20 years, d+K Rebrands to Dunne Kozlowski to Reflect Expanded Services

Founded in 2003 by Corey Dunne and Paul Kozlowski, D+K Architects has become a respected and sought-after industry firm. While D+K originally provided strictly architectural services, the company has evolved over the past two decades to offer interior design and comprehensive concept-to-completion services. To reflect this growth and elevated service offering to clients, D+K is rebranding as Dunne Kozlowski.

"When Paul and I started, we were two architects with a vision to create functional yet inspiring spaces that elevated our clients' brands," said Dunne. "Fast forward 20 years, and Dunne Kozlowski now has an entire team of architectural, interior design, project management, and fabrication experts who collaborate to bring each client's unique vision to life."

Kozlowski added, "Our new name better represents who we are today—a fully integrated firm that helps guide clients seamlessly from initial concept to final walkthrough. We'll continue providing the same hands-on, client-focused approach that our partners have come to expect from us over the years."

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The Power of a Cohesive Vision

One of the keys to Dunne Kozlowski's success over the years has been maintaining cohesion from initial visioning to final execution. Too often, the original design concept gets lost in translation as projects move from architect to interior designer to general contractor. The Dunne Kozlowski team works closely across disciplines to ensure the integrity of the design is never compromised.

"We immerse ourselves in our client's brands and priorities from day one to develop spaces that align strategically with their business goals and desired customer experience," said Managing Director Melissa Lockwood. "From there, our team collaborates across architecture, interior design, project management, and fabrication to bring the concept to life exactly as envisioned."

Dunne Kozlowski's Service Offerings

  • Branding
  • Concepting
  • Programming
  • Interior Design
  • Architecture
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

A Collaborative, Client-Focused Approach

Dunne Kozlowsaki prides itself on being hands-on partners every step of the way. "Some firms hand off projects from one department to the next, but we walk side-by-side with clients throughout the process," Kozlowski said. "Our team oversees every aspect to foresee potential obstacles and ensure flawless execution. And clients have an open line of communication should any questions arise."

Dunne added, "We become an extension of our client's teams and make their priorities our own. Their success is our success."

Dunne Kowloswki has partnered with leading companies across sectors: hospitality, commercial, retail, residential, health and wellness, industrial, and large-scale mixed-use.

The partners credit their loyal clients for Dunne Kowloski's growth over the past two decades. "Our clients drive us to keep innovating and expanding what we offer," said Dunne. "We are so grateful for the continued opportunities to turn their visions into reality."

Dunne Kozlowski's Brand Promise

While the name is changing, Dunne Kozlowski's brand promise remains:

Dream Big

A successful space starts with a carefully crafted plan. We dive deep into each client's business and target customers to develop a design that elevates their brand within their budget.

Design Bold

Through intentional design elements, we bring unique concepts to life to enhance the customer experience.

Deliver Better

By working closely across our teams, we manage the entire process from procurement to construction to ensure flawless execution.

Looking Towards The Future

Kozlowski concluded, "As Dunne Kowloski embarks on the next 20 years, we look forward to raising the bar even higher for our clients and the industry. The future is bright, and we can't wait to continue this journey."

d+k rebrands to dunne kozlowski
Corey Dunne (left) and Paul Kozlowski working to bring a client's vision to life.